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Momma's got mail

Phoebe is at that magical age where she has total confidence in her abilities and an imagination that takes her everywhere imaginable. Imagine sitting down each day and lacking no shortage ideas of things to draw or build and also knowing immediately how you might go about it. This is where Phoebe lives each day. It is something I strive for in my own work and certainly encourage in hers. She has it - with bells on. All she needs is an endless supply of paper, some felts, a pair of scissors and plenty of Scotch Tape. She got plenty of each for Christmas. And since then she has been very busy!

Yesterday's project was a mailbox for her Mom's door. It has MOM on the side - so the mail man knows who this belongs to. The working flag is neatly fastened on the center of the 'O'. Design and funtion merge seamelssly. The flap works too of course and is complete with a paper catch. The mail box is neatly taped to Bec's bedroom door along with a whole lot of previous creations.

This mailbox isn't just for show for I've noticed the flag is often up and mail is stashed inside. Well done Phoebe!

-grampa dan

Marketing through the eyes of a seven year old.

Phoebe is big into 'owning and operating' a store these days. All through the holidays she has been busy producing copious amounts of drawings and other art and then selling them to relatives - especially her grampa. The proceeds she is donating to Pipsqueak Paddocks (her idea). She has a table set up in the play room. The art is carefully laid out in an elaborate display. Paper signs she has designed and colored are taped to the walls. Hand drawn business cards (complete with her own logo) with all her information are handed out to those she meets to spread the word of her enterprise.

Since before Christmas she has been asking if I could please make her a real dimensional sign. I of course said yes but needed a design. Today she was helping in the shop and she went into the studio for a long time while I was busy. She came out with a design in hand - all excuses were gone.

Dragons seem to be Phoebe's current interest and so her sign features a nice one - holding a sign with her name on it. She explained the design at great length to me. It would be 24" wide and showed me how big that would be with her very own tape measure. The sky (background) would be blue. The sun would have to be yellow (like in all her drawings) The dragon would be colored as pictured. It needed hangers with real chains so it would be very strong. And I was not to worry about the details for she would help me as we got that far into the production of the sign. She also set a deadline. Could I please have the sign ready in 3 days?  I told her it would indeed be possible if she helped me.

With Phoebe looking carefully over my shoulder I painstakingly drew out the vector art I would need to do the routing file for her sign. She corrected me when I strayed too far from her original design.

Then I created the routing file which we'll put on the machine tomorrow.

Phoebe is very excited about finishing her very first sign!

-grampa dan

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Thoughts on spoiling grandchildren

We all know that grandparents (and especially grampas) are famous for spoiling their grandchildren. I believe this is a bad thing. It is something we as grandparents simply shouldn't do.  If my Phoebe were to get everything she asks for, it would most certainly spoil her beyond repair. So I try my best not to do that. And most days I succeed.

I believe there is a much better way to deal with grandchildren. If I can think of things Phoebe might need BEFORE she can ask for them, then that wouldn't be spoiling her. It's good logic in my mind and works well as a grandparent. I know this from almost seven years of hands-on experience. It takes a lot of practice to get this technique right.  :) 

Tomorrow is Phoebe's seventh birthday. With everyone else in the house busy, frantically doing pre-Christmas chores, it was decided that Phoebe could hang with me to stay out of everyone else's way. No problem, for we had many adventures to accomplish in our time together. Officially, we were to go to town on business. I was ordering the pipes and fittings to use for the new compressed air delivery system in the shop. We also had a little Christmas shopping to do as well.

Our first stop was at the mall. We did our shopping with the understanding a meal out was to follow. Since it was Phoebe's birthday tomorrow, it was only fitting she picked the place. And her favorite was sushi. Phoebe ordered up a bunch of stuff I couldn't pronounce and NEVER would want to eat. Grampa settled for the less adventuresome teriaki chicken on rice. Then we were off to the tool store to order the pipe and fittings. As Phoebe's great fortune would have it, there is also a party supply store in the building. We couldn't leave without some cool balloons, filled with helium of course. Then it was off to the dollar store for a special treat for Phoebe. Phoebe selected a small cheerleader's megaphone and some pompoms. Grampa agreed it was a most excellent choice. On the way home we detoured to the mall for a visit with Santa. There wasn't much time to get her wishes in before Christmas and this was the perfect opportunity. Grampa couldn't help eaves dropping a little as Phoebe told Santa her wish list for Christmas. (Grampas use every possible method to get our information.) I secretly wrote the entire list down for future reference.


After the visit with Santa, it was time for one last trip to the food court for a treat. Phoebe had been sooooo good! As we waited for our turn at the counter Phoebe looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said. "Grampa this has been a very special day!"  I had to agree. Then she asked...  "So can I have a coke?"

There is a rule that is strictly imposed by her momma, (since Phoebe was little) that Coca Cola is only allowed on special days.

I had to think about it for a second or two (and ponder the possible reprocussions). I decided that with it being the day before Phoebe's seventh birthday, and the two of us having spent this day on a most wonderful adventure, that it was indeed a VERY special day. A shared Coke would be the perfect celebration.

-grampa dan

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