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More pieces of imagination.

Creating twenty-five unique and creative name plaques is a wonderful challenge. While the name plaques are an important component of the workshops they also serve other purposes. 

They say if we really want to learn we simply have to teach. I've certainly found that to be true. As I teach the workshops I quickly find out what I dont know. I always have my ears and eyes open to my students for as much as I try to teach them I find they teach me more.

As I design the many name plaques it is a chance to brush up on the things we will cover in the workshops. The projects stretch my imagination and allow me to push the limits and try new things. I constantly learn new things. In the proces I become a better equipped teacher.

Here's a few of today's name plaques.


Each member of our team also gets a name plaque for the workshop. The ladies all have one from previous workshops but the two Matts needed one of their own.

-grampa dan

Workshop coming fast!

With the Sign Magic and Sculpture Magic Workshops now just over a month away we are in full blast get-ready mode. I've been busy creating the files and routing the twenty-five one of a kind name plaques we need for our guests. I'm a little more than half way through.They measure about 16" wide. Before the workshop guests arrive we'll have them all painted up to show the many different techniques we use on a regular basis. Each plaque is unique and uses every trick in the book. Each student will get to take their name tag home when we are done. Here's seven of the fourteen done so far.

Tomorrow I'll fire up the router once more and turn out a bunch more. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Keeping my routing skills sharp.

The name plaques we create for our workshop guests are a great deal of fun. Some of the simplest looking can actually be the most complex to create. Because the workshop classes are largely about CNC routing I like to push the boundaries a little when it comes time to create the files for the plaques. Creating the plaques refreshes me on the complex program we use to design our routing flies. During the workshops I will get lots of questions and I need to know the answers. A review is always in order.

Kurt is from Pennsylvania. He visted our workshp back in 2006 when we hosted a Letterhead Workshop. I've bumped into him a few times since at international trade shows and spoken to him a few times on the phone as well. Kurt is a very creative guy, and full of passion for this craft. As I thought about his name plaque I thought about his recent projects - one of which had a Carribean theme. A pirate theme came to mind. Somehow it suited his name. So I decided a short dagger was just the ticket. The routing file proved to be much more complex than the finished plaque. It made me scratch my head - just  little. I had to make it a little stout to fit Kurt's name onto the blade but it turned out kinda cool. Bec will paint it up to make it shine I'm sure.

This stuff is way more fun than working!

-grampa dan