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Moose makes trek home.

This morning I was tired and tempted to sleep in but I knew my clients would be anxiously waiting for the delivery of their moose. My alarm rang at 6:30 and I was out at the shop before my customer arrived. I fetched the forklift and we pulled the moose out from under the cover of the porch, then hooked up the chain to lift him on the trailer. Slow and easy was the order of the day.

We decided not to use the fork extensions and so loaded the moose on the back of the trailer making the load rather unbalanced. Since we were only moving the moose about 400 feet up the road (800 feet in total) it was no big deal. We decided to put the forks on the bobcat and use it to keep the back end of the trailer a little more level. The Yarrow Days parade would start a few hours early this year. :) Len was waiting with his huge excavator onsite to unload the precious cargo.

It was huge smiles all around as we pulled up with the ungainly load.

We hooked the chain to the bucket and in a few moments the moose was airborn one last time. Our moose was almost home.

I then unhooked the chain, turned out the eyebolt and twisted in the topper cherry. 

It had taken well under an hour to load, transport, unload and install the moose sign. My clients quickly raked out the gravel and tidied up the yard. The parade (and crowds) would arrive very soon. We had made another tight deadline with just the right amount of time to spare.

The newest landmark in Yarrow is now in place. Ice cream anyone?
-grampa dan
Cutting it far too close.

With the moose making the trek to the ice cream store early tomorrow morning, just in time for Yarrow Days, we simply had to get it finished tonight. Peter and Rebecca worked late with me and we layered on coat after coat of paint and glazes. The myriad of fans did the trick today speeding up drying times between each coat of paint despite the high humidty and steady, hard rain. We finished the last color just before 10 pm. It has been a long time since we came this close to making a deadline. There have been far too many things going on this week. 

This was the last picture I was able to take tonight as it got too dark after that.

This moose will make me (and I suspect most other folks as well) laugh every time I see it. It is both totally rediculous and unbelievably memorable. Yarrow will have a new hilarious landmark tomorrow.

-grampa dan


Today the weather was what we often refer to as a frog choker. It was WET. Humidity was 94% and it was raining hard. The Mighty Moose sign was just too tall to do inside the shop. We had it under cover with lots of hands to apply the paint. The trouble was the paint just wasn't drying very fast. The answer was simple... fans. We had ten fans blowing on the moose all day.

Watching paint dry today wasn't any more exciting than usual but it sure was a whole lot windier!

-grampa dan