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Three times as good

The only thing better than having fun with one grandchild is having fun with all of them at the same time. We attended the local farmer's market on Friday evening with Juniper and Henry. Phoebe was already there, face painting as a fund raiser for her next trip to Africa. Juniper had her face painted of course and then insisted on painting grandma's as well. Phoebe lent a steadying hand to paint a big purple heart (grandma's favourite colour) on her cheek. Grampa minded Henry and of course paid generously for the experience.

face painting grandma.png
Riding the coaster!

Juniper, now two and a half years old, gets less timid each day and has a definite independent streak that will serve her well when she gets older. Today she visited Cultus Lake Adventure Park with her parents to go on a few rides. Normally it's the kiddy rides she enjoys but today she decided she was ready for the Runaway Train roller coaster. As she approached the top of the first hill she was a little fearful of the height but her daddy assured her all was well. It was pure enjoyment for the rest of the ride as they roared through the twists and turns and she was eager to GO AGAIN very soon! Our next generation of park builders is definitely getting into the groove!

juniper on the coaster.png
The next generation

Art is important in our house. Everyone loves to do it and in many forms. Phoebe is big into face painting these days which means that Juniper is interested as well. Phoebe was a good sport and volunteered to be Juniper's first subject and in a few minutes she was very colourful!

juniper painting phoebe.png