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Last pieces in place!

This morning the day dawned bright and clear- perfect for a delivery. I checked the straps on the load, made sure the lights were working on the trailer and we were off!

We pulled into the parking lot just as John backed into place with the crane. Harold's crew were busy putting their needed tools into the attic. As john leveled his truck and set his outriggers Sarah and I untied the load and set up the ladders. Then it was time to hook up the chain at last. Clearance was tight as the crane head needed to fit under the eaves of the gable. We went without a hook, instead tying the sign to the end of the boom. John, ever the professional was smooth as silk as he guided the sign into position. Sarah was on the guide rope, Benji was on the ladder talking to the guys inside who would screw the fasterers into the sign from the attick. I was John's eyes inside the courtyard, guilding him on the truck controls.

It took a little finesse and pushing to get the sign into place and a few tries to grab it from behind. in the end we were forced to do four bolts through the face of the sign to get it to tighten securely to the wall face as the was was not perfectly flat. I patched and painted the holes while the guys fastened the rest of the fasteners from behind - as per the engineer's instructions. We used a few extra bolts to be sure.

Then it was time to lift the decorative chimney into place. It would fancy up an old kitchen vent that was no longer in service.

While the Colin and Benji fastened it in place while Sarah & I headed into the pub to do a little other work on a handrail.

The busy crew had everything tidied up before lunch and we headed back to the house to resume work there. It had been a productive morning that went smoothly - a good thing on install days!

As quick as that this phase of the Fox and Hounds Pub project was at last complete.

-grampa dan

Delivery day

After waiting almost twelve weeks for a permit, delivery day has at last come for the Fox and Hounds Pub sign. The sign languised for so long in front of our building that I heard from a number of good sources that the new house we were building was actually a Pub called the Fox and Hounds and proof was the giant sign in our yard - just waiting to be installed. Well, as of tomorrow morning, real early that will be proved false as we transport and intall it where it belongs at last.

The first thing we had to do was build a giant easel on the flat bed trailer to safely cradle the sign in transport. It took me about an hour to weld up a sturdy stand with Sarah dutifully cutting the steel to length.

Then it was time to lift the sign off the temporary stand which had castors on it and piut it on the trailer. My good neighbor Gord's trusty forklift did the task with ease.

Sarah did a few touchups to finish off the job while I tied everything down nice and secure.

Now it will stay in the yard a few more hours before we begin the half hour journey to the pub.

I'll be posting some pictures of the lift tomorrow. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

The big magic doors opened today

When the giant magic doors to our shop swing open our neighbors know something cool is coming out. Today they opened extra wide to allow room to roll out the giant Fox and Hounds Pub sign. Haley put on the last touches out in the sunshine.

We swept out the shop and rearranged everything inside. The shop looked large and empty, but it won't stay that way for very long. There are many more projects needing the room inside. Stay tuned for reports of progress...

-grampa dan