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Animal challenge

Drawing animals has always been something I have struggled with. The solution at first was to simply avoid animals if I possibly could. But like anything it is mostly a matter of practice. If I wanted to draw animals well I had to do it and do it plenty. The more I practiced the better I became at drawing. Now after more than fifty years of drawing I can manage.

Cartooning is another skill that was gathered over many years. In the last few years sculpting has become something I really enjoy, Over the last years I've done quite the menagerie.. Moose, deer, bears, elephants, horses, rhinoseros, squirrels, chickens, llamas, dragons, dinosaurs and a strange herd of others have been sculpted in my studio. The more animals I do, the more confident and comfortable I am creating them.

The more animals sculptures we get out there, the more calls we get to do them too. And that's a good thing!

-grampa dan

Installation day

The carpenter who was doing the work on Dave's workshop was sick for the past few days. This meant the installation of the sculpture was delayed until this afternoon. It only took a few minutes to hoist it up on the scaffold and then fasten it into place.

The little sculpture looks great in it's new home. The colors blend in with the building and the roofline and overhang  The carpenter will now finish the siding and trim around it to lock it permanently into place. I'll go back in a day or two for more pictures when the scaffold is removed.

-grampa dan

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