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Turning the page...

 It is always with mixed feelings I finish a project. It has been occupying my thoughts and a good portion of my days for a time, sometimes a long time. Inevitably I get lost in the process, almost obsessed with the endless details. Then I put the last of the paint strokes on the project and it is done. The process has been chronicled and documented all the way through without a doubt, but one last photo session is done after completion. I'm happy it is done, but a little sad to see it go. I'm most often happy with the result, but start to think of many ways I could have done better.

On most occasions the projects are completed a few days before the deadline to allow for things that may go wrong (as they often do). This also means I get to enjoy the piece a bit before it is shipped out or delivered. This is the case with this project too.


Then my attention is drawn towards the next project, most often already in process. I turn the page and begin to move on to the best, the most exciting piece I have done to date... the current project. It, like the last will stretch me to the maximum. I'll be forced to solve problems I have yet to encounter. It is an exciting process.

Life goes on...

-grampa dan

Beautiful (truck) body!

 Today we made great progress on our Cap-it project. The last of the major sculpting was done in less than three hours. Now only final assembly and paint are to be finished.

The sculpting was enjoyable and fun. Kirsten easily kept up to me as I added the finicky detail and it came together quickly.  The truck is full of character and looks to be well used - as a four wheel drive should. The final paint will reflect this same aged and timeless genre.

I can hardly wait to see it all together!


-grampa dan

Slow but steady... and then BAM!

Sometimes it seems like a project languishes indefinitely, with little progress, even though work has been steady. All the little details need to be done in order and sometimes progress seem slow. The Cap-it truck signs are just such a project.

Each day we've worked on them but they didn't appear to be near finish... until today. All the bits and pieces suddenly came together today as I test fit everything together in preparation for final paint and detail. 

In an instant the project looked near completion and I liked what I saw. Tomorrow we will do the last of the sculpting and we will get a handle on the bulk of the painting. By late this week we will be doing the final bits.

This has been both challenging and fun - my favorite kind of project!

-grampa dan