And another, and another

The Copper Crown castle will have a total of four turrets. Today I started cutting and applying the shingles on the third one. It is only 32” tall with about 91 shingles per roof so it isn;’t going to take very long. The fourth and last turret is the same size.

tower roof 3.png
Castle gate

Today Matt started welding the Copper Crown castle garden entryway. It will feature two tall towers and a section of wall with a drawbridge (of course). The total height of the towers will be about sixteen feet so we are fabricating them in two pieces which will be assembled on site. The plywood components for the two cone shaped roofs were routed and assembly was begun. IT won’t be long until the garden wall frames of the Hazelnut inn are complete, in place and ready for sculpting as the weather improves.. Stay tuned…

matt welding castle gate tower.png