Instant installation

We sent off the two truckloads of components for NEB's Fun World last week. We knew from experience that the crew there were more than capable of offloading them safely. The pieces were designed to disassemble and just squeak through the six foot doorways of the facility. Then they had to reassemble and lift them into position - no small feat considering the pieces were very large and extremely heavy. But the NEB's crew really knows what they are doing. Within hours of their arrival we started getting pictures of the installation. It's looking mighty fine already! Great job! We look forward to seeing pictures of the finished installation soon.

nebs still installation.jpg
nebs barrel installed.jpg
arm wrestling barrel.jpg
Dan SawatzkyComment
The artist

Phoebe has been totally into art of every description since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Her skills are truly amazing. Today, we were absolutely delighted to hear that she has been accepted into an art school as she advances to grade nine. Phoebe's spending money inevitably goes towards art supplies. Today, she brought home some face painting supplies to learn a new skill. Juniper happily volunteered to be Phoebe's first customer as long as she could be a pirate!

phoebe fae painting juniper.png
Dan SawatzkyComment
Soon to be green

As we wait for the final official permissions in order to proceed with the construction of Hazelnut Inn we are hard at work on the project as we are able. The septic field is now installed and the final grading of the backyard is complete. Just before quitting time today we began the planting of the seed for the 8,000 square foot backyard lawn. This will be the private area of the Sawatzky residence. The picture is taken from the direction of our studio windows where we will be able to watch Peter and Hailey's children play as we work. Very soon this area will be a lush green lawn.

first grass.png