The magic of sound

Jim Wells of Fantasonics sent me the sound equipment and soundtracks last week when I was out of town. They’ve been sitting on my desk waiting for me to have enough time to install and test them. I know he was anxious to hear how I LOVED the setup but I didn’t just want to mock the speakers up but rather install the speakers as they would be, complete with hood and grill so I could hear the sounds in all their glory. That meant scrounging up some speaker covers (from an old speaker) and bashing the perforated metal up appropriately so it suited the beat up old truck. Then I did a little fabricating, gluing and sculpting to form the radiator and hood sides. Some temporary wiring was next… checking everything to make sure it was right. Then the exciting moment I fired it up for the first time. The result is PURE FUN! This video was recorded on my iPhone and doesn’t even begin to capture the subtleties of this crazy fun soundtrack. There’s seven others that play randomly when I push the secret button as well. Now I have to finish the wiring and begin the sculpting to make all those wonderful sounds believable in a visual way. This means multiple horns, a crank for the motor and lots of other fun bits. I have LOTS of ideas! Stay tuned…

speakers in.png
Dan SawatzkyComment