Pizza to go.

Our client is considering a wood fired pizza restaurant on the farm and asked us to come up with a suitable key feature for the establishment. As always, I first went back to the primary story for inspiration. It’s all about the proud history of the farm. Every such enterprise has a boneyard out back full of many wonderful treasures. They never throw anything away for chances are some part might be needed in the future. I thought about what the farmer might use to build a wood fired pizza oven… and soon came up with the idea of converting an old wood fired steam tractor. It would’t take much… I did some quick searching for some authentic tractors and using those pictures for reference soon had what I needed. In reality, we would literally build the steam tractor around a commercial wood fired oven. It would make a great centrepiece and sign for a restaurant! I can taste the delicious pizza already!

pizza tractor.png
Dan SawatzkyComment