Thousands of barnacles!

My art career has been full of projects where I try something new by adding a fine detail and then go with this idea, repeating it as necessary. After a few hundred times I decide it really is cool, until i really think about it and realize I am actually only a fraction of the way through a project. Then I wonder if it is really worth the effort…. but decide it really is. Those silly little details are what separates our work from the rest. Today, we decided some barnacles would look cool on the submarine. I did a little research and found that they thrive at the waterline of a boat and then diminish as the water gets deeper. The waterline of our submersible was drawn on using a laser level. it will go through the portholes (which are yet to be added). The barnacles are sculpted by firmly pressing on a little ball of sculpting epoxy and then poking a hole in the centre and adding some detail with a custom made tool. It sounds easy - and is, until you realize how many barnacles can live on a six foot long submersible. Four hours of labour got me about one third of the way around the sub. Cool never comes easy it seems. :)

first barnacles 2.png
Dan SawatzkyComment