Getting ready to ship

As we reach the final stages of finishing the signs and features for Vala’s Pumpkin Patch we are also beginning the process of readying the pieces for shipment. getting our giant and HEAVY features for shipping is an art all by itself. As we built the features they were bolted to custom steel frames which have removable castors. These original frames were built as small as we could to allow the crew to work on the pieces and move ladders and such as close as possible. The features will be shipped inside a semi trailer. There is no way to tie them down. In order to keep them from sliding, tipping over or bumping into each other we weld up sturdy pallets around the original frames. Smaller features are bolted to empty places on the pallet to allow us to squeeze inn as much as we can. These new steel pallets are designed to slip inside the van trailer with less than an inch of clearance on each side. Bumpers on each end keep the pallets in line and allow us to push the heavy loads in and drag them out when we reach our destination. The features weigh up to 5,000 pounds each. Our customer will recycle the steel in the pallets as they are not worth the cost of shipping back to our shop.

harvest barn sign on pallet.png
rolling pin on pallet.png
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