Looking like they grew there

I’ve been involved in hundreds of installations through the years. It is always rewarding to see weeks or months of shop work finally installed. The semi truck full of signs and features arrived at Vala’s Pumpkin patch yesterday morning. Within two hours we had carefully pulled them all from the trailer and set everything safely on the ground without a scratch. I then directed Vala’s crew as we hooked up each piece, unbolted it from the shipping stand and then transported the signs to their permanent home. That alone was a great adventure for the farm is spread out over manny acres of rolling land. Each trip down the winding, narrow and tree lined roads was made at a slow walking pace with the heavy feature dangling from its lifting straps. We weren’t in a hurry for the job was to do everything safely. After a long first day we only had one sign remaining to install. Each sign, when installed looked like it had been on the farm since its inception. Kudos to Becke for picking a great colour scheme with just the right amount of aging. Vala’s large staff, busy making preparations for their fast approaching season stopped to cheer us on and to take a quick selfie for posterity. As good as the signs look now, they will soon look even better, surrounded by flowers and pumpkins. These folks are good at putting on a world class show. I’m greatly anticipating my return in about five weeks when the grounds will be perfect and the place swarming with happy guests.

harvest barn sign installed 2.png
Dan SawatzkyComment