Plane fun

I was contacted by a supplier this past week who makes hard coats for styrofoam. He was surprised to hear that we had previously used their product about fifteen years ago. At the time we were considering doing carved and hard coated foam but the one project cured me of that notion, for the chemicals used are very toxic and a full protection suit with supplied air is required to safely use the product. We opted instead to go with our sculpted high density urethane, sculpting epoxies and sculpted concrete. We can achieve far higher detail and with reasonable caution be much safer at the task. The friendly fellow I talked with sent me a link to their product website - just in case we had such a need in the future. I took a look to see what was new since we had last used it. Not much had changed and I was surprised to see a picture on their front page of the large scale plane we had built long ago. As I recall it had a wingspan of about 12’ and now hangs over a swimming pool in a community recreation centre somewhere in the Canadian prairies.

Dan SawatzkyComment