Sub bones

It was a very busy day with all kinds of small projects on the go plus an important meeting with our new clients for an upcoming project. In-between I kept the router and plasma cutter busy and even managed to get little welding done. The submarine bones are now welded together and the dashboard is set in place. Building the little submersible will be different than most of our builds because the interior needs to be completed first and then we’ll do the exterior. I started by defining the structure of the floor. This initial frame also sturdied up the entire structure and provided the mounting points to attach it to the sea horse base. Two big eye bolts were welded to the top for lifting it with the forklift. They will stay in place permanently. The top fin and tail surfaces were also routed today while I was doing other tasks. I absolutely love our reliable CNC machines that can work unmanned! By tomorrow night the sub should look a whole lot different! Stay tuned…

submersible bones plus.png
Dan SawatzkyComment