It's a castle!

There is nothing quite as exciting or fun as a lift day. We’ve done it so many times the anxiety doesn’t happen any longer. We’ve learned to fully engineer and think out our moves so everything is planned. We’ve also learned not to rush these days for mistakes happen when things are done in a hurry. Greg from Wishlow Cranes was our crane operator for the day, one of my all time favourites. He is attentive and extremely skillful. A hand signal to lower a smidge results in exactly that which means things go together smoothly and neat. I’ve posted four pictures below which capture a little of the excitement we felt today as the Copper Crown’s tallest tower was lifted, guided slowly onto the lower piece and then securely fastened in place. I was high up in the man lift, Peter and Matt were inside. Together our efforts were MAGIC!

setting tower roof.png
setting tower roof interior.png
tower roof on interior.png
setting dragon.png
untying dragon.png