Staying true to the story

As we did the design for the many signs at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch it was our intent to not disrupt the original feel of the farm. They have a 35 year history and it is an awesome operation. Most of the attractions and buildings are fashioned from old barn wood and salvaged parts. It’s authentic to what they are doing there. The new signs will continue this proud tradition, adding a splash of colour and a bit of fun in the process. Many of the farm’s restaurants and attractions are named after family members. Sometime after we did the design for ‘The’ Cookie Coop sign, a family meeting was held and they decided to name the little bakery Bob’s Cookie Coop. They contacted us, requesting the change, hoping we hadn’t gotten into production quite yet. It was too late for I had already created the sign faces. But no worry and no extra charge for the change. I ground off the letters of ‘The’ and routed a couple of new pieces with ‘Bob’s’ on them. These were then fastened into place in a haphazard fashion as they would have been by Bob the farmer. They’ll be painted up to look like old weathered barn wood. Although not planned in the original design the addition looks great and helps tell the story of this farm in an authentic manner.

Dan SawatzkyComment