Just the right shot

Some of our projects are very difficult to capture in photographs. Once such project is the Clayburn Pet Hospital sign. I’ve been trying to get a good picture since we installed it in January. Each time I drove through Abbotsford I would drive through the quaint village of Clayburn in the hopes of getting a good photo. I’ve come away empty-handed time after time. Before the leaves were in full the background was far too busy to properly showcase the sign. The sign sits among many trees with more large trees on the other side of the road as well. This makes for some hard shadows in the bright light of the day. In the morning the sun shines unevenly on the sign making good pictures impossible. At supper time the light again is bright with hard shadows. On cloudy days I’ve found the light is dead as there are too many trees in the area. This evening as the sun went down I made a special trip (30 miles each way) to try again. I had to wait until the sun was just dropping over the horizon for the light to be just right, still bright but without any shadows. I captured it at last!

clayburn pet hospital.png
Dan SawatzkyComment