Drive-in fun!

Back when I was a teenager (in the late 1960’s) the margins of my notebooks were filled with cartoons of hotrods, much to the dismay of my teachers. I started building my first hotrod when I was only fourteen (1952 Anglia sedan). Since then I’ve created countless versions of these fun car drawings, mostly for my personal entertainment. Now, after all these decades the owner of an old fashioned drive-in restaurant (founded in 1960) approached us about designing and building a mini golf on his property. We jumped at the chance. Coming up with a theme was far too easy. It absolutely had to be a 60’s theme about hot rods! As luck would have it, I was all practiced up. As much fun as creating the designs will be it will be even more fun to build the little hotrods. Stay tuned…

hot rod.png
Dan SawatzkyComment