Real steel fenders!

I’ve pondered how I would make the fenders for the diminutive trucks for the Sign Invitational since I first designed them. I considered many different materials but always came back to making them out of steel. Steel is strong! The fenders need to be sturdy to stand up to the abuse they will encounter during shipping to Florida, and at the show as well. Today, I designed the cutting files, threw a scrap of light gauge steel on the CNC plasma cutter and let it do its magic. In less than a minute I had all the pieces I needed plus a few spares to try my ideas. My designs were just an educated guess as I knew there would be adjustments as I bent things to shape and fitted them. The job turned out to be much easier than I imagined and in about an hour I had both sets of fenders shaped, welded and mounted to the chassis.

fenders on.png
Dan SawatzkyComment