I LOVE mini donuts!

I’m still busy at my drawing board, dreaming up ideas for fun signs at the Nebraska farm. Today’s task was a couple of fun landmark signs for the barn that houses the mini donut kitchen and sales outlet. I LOVE mini donuts and I was instantly inspired to be creative! The first sign was for the front of the building. It features the name of the barn and their mascot Jack, holding a giant stack of mini donuts of course. At one end of the barn is a viewing window of the mechanical donut machine. It’s a wonder to watch but in the past most people walk by without realizing the machine was there, churning out those tasty treats by the baker’s dozen. We had to think of something unusual to direct traffic to that awesome window. After considering a variety of ideas we decided there was no better way to entice people to look than to tell them DO-NUT LOOK!

donut signs.png
Dan SawatzkyComment