Blue sky

Every project we tackle first goes through a concept design phase. We call this blue sky. Anything is possible at this point in the project. It’s time to dream very large. While possible budgets aren’t totally ignored we don’t overly concern ourselves with the numbers right now. An awesome idea will survive all that comes afterward. This time is about exploring ideas and the wilder the better. This is the time to push the envelope in search of the best scheme we can conceivably come up with. It’s our opportunity to raise the bar of our abilities and also to exceed the expectations of our customer.

Not every idea will work for the project at hand. Sometimes our first or second try will spark an even better idea. Although we fully understand that many of our concepts will undoubtably hit the cutting room floor as the realities of priorities, budgets and timelines become clearer, this is still a wonderful time to dream. This is fun!

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Dan Sawatzky1 Comment