Spring day

It makes me smile whenever I see an advertisement for Canada and all I see are the snow covered mountains and glaciers. Those advertisements further the myth that we are the great while north - land of ice and snow. The reality is that in our area we get much less winter than many who live much further south of the border that separates us. It is full blast spring where we are. I’ll be mowing the lawn by week’s end! Our winter temperatures which only lasted about six weeks are now only a quickly fading memory. The temperatures hit 25 degrees celsius (77 degrees fahrenheit) today. My enjoyable task was to soak up the sunshine as I drove about thirty miles to do a site visit today. While I would have preferred to have the top be off the Jeep I settled for the windows down and all back roads instead of the freeway. The scenery was spectacular! The picture below was taken along my journey as I looked south. All of the green hills are in Canada - the snow covered Mount Baker is in the USA. :)

mount baker.png
Dan SawatzkyComment