New beginning

I often tell Peter that my studio was always spotless - until he started sharing my desk. There are some who dispute that (fact)…. but in any case from time to time the room needs a deep clean. The last few days were just that occasion. It is amazing how much dust can magically accumulate in various hiding places and sometimes even in plain site. Reference books seem to come off the book shelves and gather on our ample desk. Papers, sketches, models and supplies gather here as well not to mention all kinds technical bits and bobs and a bunch of other stuff that defied description. Peter’s considerable library needed a permanent home as well and as we went through our massive collections of books we discovered many duplicates. We have also gathered a whole lot of new models and display pieces since the last purge. Free shelves were desperately needed and it was time to get brutal and sort through absolutely everything in the 600 square feet of space. Out in the shop the crew worked on a similar mission, with the intent of freeing up floor and shelf space to make things work more efficiently. It is amazing how much clutter we managed to get rid of and how neat the shop and studio have suddenly become. It is my hope that perhaps Peter has now seen the light and the he does his part to keep the studio and shop as neat as I like it.

studio from stairs.png
Dan Sawatzky1 Comment