Creative solution

I absolutely love a treat from the local deli or bakery each day as I have a sweet tooth that must be satisfied. The problem is that Janis believes all those delicious pastries are starting to show on my waistline. We agreed that something had to be done but I wasn’t about to give up on the treats. The obvious solution was more exercise. I decided it would be a great idea to bike the distance to the store and and back, working off those calories in the process. So I began to look for the perfect bike. I settled on a foldable e-bike. It would easily tuck into the back of my Jeep so I could take it to interesting places to ride on weekends with Phoebe. The bike, of course, had to be REALLY COOL as I needed to ride in style. Nothing less would do. FAT tires were the answer here. They would also provide lots of traction if I decide to take a shortcut and go off-road. A sturdy carrier on the back will make it suitable for running errands to the local hardware store. I’ll still get lots of exercise with an e-bike but it won’t strain my old bones too much - especially when I have to go up a hill. :) After much research I found a local company VOLTBIKE that had the perfect bike for my needs. Today I picked up my new ride.

new wheels.png
Dan SawatzkyComment