Sticking to the rules

I approach the Sign Invitational contest in the very same way I do when I am building a sign for a customer. The first thing I need to do is read the rules - very carefully. If I am building a sign for a customer I look up the sign bylaws of the town or city we are working with. Then by creatively interpreting the rules, to the letter, we design the sign.

The Sign Invitational has two categories. The piece called ‘Turning back time’ is for the smaller category. The rules state the piece needs to be no larger than 36” x 36” with the last dimension the depth being undefined. My piece generously fulfills those requirements. The piece can also be a table or wall mount. I opted for the table mount… and in reading the rules carefully it seems there is no rule that says we can’t build the table as well… for an ordinary table simply wouldn’t suffice. :)

table beginnings.png
Dan SawatzkyComment