375 down - 66 to go!

When I am done there will be four hundred and forty-one hand cut shingles on this tower roof for the Copper Crown. I have sixty-six shingles left to go before it is finished but I’ve now made it to the top at last! The shingles are ten inches wide in the bottom row and only four inches wide by the time we get to the top of the turret. Once the shingles are on we’ll do some calculating and designing and then fire up the plasma cutter to cut the metal pieces for the topper and weather vane. We’ll carefully tack the funnel shape together and then test fit before welding it solid and grinding it smooth. Then it will be painted to look like weathered copper. We’ll have to roll the pieces out of the shop before we assemble it permanently and lift it into position along with a bunch of other finished pieces.

almost to the top.png