The golden years?

We all have a birthday each year. I’m no exception. Today, celebrating my birthday meant I turned sixty-five. I didn’t mean to but it did happen. For many it’s a big deal. I’ve certainly received many good natured jibes about getting old today. I’ve been reminded frequently that this is an age when most people seriously consider retirement. I might consider that but I actually retired back when I was only twenty-three. That’s when I quit my day job and instead did what I loved each day, spending my days with those I loved. As I turn sixty-five nothing will really change in my daily routine. Except I’ll get a nice cheque each month from the government. That’s a welcome bonus and the extra cash will better allow me to do what I’ve already been doing for the last forty-two years. I guess I’ll also take advantage of those discounts many places offer those who turn this magic age. Maybe that’s why they call these the golden years?

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Dan Sawatzky3 Comments