Same old but all new

Forty years ago I started doing pen and ink drawings on a full time basis. My work was shown in numerous art galleries and I did many solo shows over a period of about five years. While much of what I did was old buildings, vehicles and boats I also did quite a number of commission works. Often they were of people’s houses. One of these commissions was a farm here in Chilliwack. I got a call last year rom this client asking me if I would do a new original of their new house on the same property. Last summer I went out to visit the farm and take some photos for reference. I also got to look at the original drawing which I had done so long ago. My client requested I do the new drawing in a similar style (black ink with a sepia wash). But things have changed dramatically in my work over forty years - about as much as the farm property had in that time. I handle light and shadow much better now and while I still draw freehand I do the drawing using digital technology instead of drawing on paper with a pen as I did back then I drew the new drawing on my iPad with a stylus. I sent a low resolution file to the customer by email for approval (which they did). Now I’ll send the digital file to a printer and have a single copy printed with non-fading ink on acid free paper. Hopefully it will last as good as the first.

both drawings.png
Dan SawatzkyComment