Each time we rearrange the studio we put our newer samples on display and a few of the older models are disposed of. As we purged earlier this week I decreed that a statue of a head Peter had done years ago needed to go. Peter loved placing the bust at the top of the stairs to our studio and he freaked me out every time I went into the studio. Peter always thought it was hilarious! I noticed he had disappeared yesterday and I assumed he had gone to live in the dumpster. Rest in peace! I never thought about him again until I was mowing the lawn this evening. As I rounded a bushy tree and approached the studio that nasty statue was staring out at me from between the shrubbery. I was tempted to take a run at him with the tractor but those plants would have taken a beating. I suspect Peter was hiding not far away just to watch my reaction. I think I'm going to have to take care of the problem personally. 

hidden head.png
Dan SawatzkyComment