Cleaning out the boneyard

Out back of our shop there is what we affectionately call the 'boneyard'. There are no bones there but there is a whole lot of other stuff. With each project we create all sorts of temporary brackets and stands. Once used they are taken out back and stored for possible reuse. Sometimes projects are started and then abandoned. These too are carted to the boneyard. Small cuts of steel pipe and tubing abound out back. There were a couple of stacks of assorted pallets and piles of wood scraps as well. This is also where we keep our skeletons, the scrap steel plate with holes plasma cut into it in every shape imaginable. Over time all this scrap material really tends to add up. Each summer, in our traditionally slowest time of the year, we take the opportunity to sort through that big tangle of material and decide which is worth keeping and what needs to be taken to the recycler. Today was the day to clean out the bone yard. 

bone yard pickins.png
Dan SawatzkyComment