Most elegant garbage container

We are doing our best to finish up many projects around our property before the Hazelnut Inn project gets underway next door. One such project is the garbage shed. Our business, like most has a giant there cubic yard garbage bin. It is rather unsightly but it needs to be in the driveway so it can be collected when it is full. Our solution was to house it inside a 'mountain'. The project was begun shortly after we purchased our property in June of 2003. We got as far as building the structure and the tree on top. But the property plans were in flux back then and it couldn't be finished until it had a permanent home. It was moved four times before it landed where it currently sits, after the house was finished. A addition was added on the rear to house all of the garden tools and lawn mower as well. Each year, as we find some spare time, we do a little more to finish things off. It is our hope that it may actually be finished this summer. We added some sculpted concrete work today and more work is scheduled over the next couple of days. Once it is painted we will add the soil and landscaping materials to bring it to life.

garbage bin.png
garden tractor shed.png
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