A challenge as big as a mountain

When our client told us they wanted to install a new ride in their theme park we were excited. Space is at a premium in the little park and the location of the 125 foot tower ride was just off the upper boardwalk over hole 12 of the adventure golf. It's also inside one of the loops on the roller coaster. Our job was to make it fit in seamlessly. The owners cut a giant hole in the golf and then poured a massive foundation on which the ride would securely fit. The thick concrete walls protruded eighteen feet out of the ground. We had to hide this gigantic concrete mass. We prefabricated the eight large pieces of the mountain in our shop. Our clients hired a giant crane and they skillfully fit the pieces together without so much as a scratch. Last week our crew did the final work to bring the theme work into the creek. We also built a new log for the side of the bridge and other small bits. Our client poured new walkways and laid in the new carpet greens. The finished result is spectacular especially if you look WAY, WAY UP!

mine from hole 13.png
hole 12 mine.png
cloud buster 4.png
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