Plenty of mud

Today was what we refer to as a big mud day in our shop. That's a day we trowel and hand carve lots of fibreglass reinforced concrete onto a number of large features. Today's task was the wood grained barrels of the four halves of the giant stills. We applied the concrete onto two of the large pieces, then did other tasks for an hour or so before returning to apply the mud on the balance of the pieces. The time gap is to allow the crew enough time to carve as this process takes longer than the application. Janessa played lead today, laying out the grain on all of the pieces. Peter and I helped with the sculpting. With one person doing all of the layout, the style is then consistent all the way through. The pieces looked fabulous when they were done and will look even better when they are painted!

stills mudded.png
Dan SawatzkyComment