One last flight

Just after we built the new studio in 2003/4 I used our then new, hand held plasma cutter to cut hundreds of scales from our scrap steel. I welded these scraps into the 'twitter pated dragon'. He's a love struck dude, hearts for eye pupils, picking pedals from a steel flower - she loves me, she loves me not, SHE LOVES ME! The dragon has lived in the flower planter in front of the shop for the last thirteen years. Now he's going to a new home in Greendale - about five miles from our studio. Before he goes to his new home, the dragon is going to perform one last duty for the company. 

This year's Yarrow Days Parade is in a few weeks and has the theme of Knights and Dragons. I unbolted the dragon from his base by the shop and bolted him to a hastily fabricated, custom trailer which will be towed behind the little Jeep I built last month. The dragon is a good size but looks much more massive when it is hooked up to the tiny Jeep! We'll decorate the jeep and trailer for the parade. It's going to be fun!

dragon on wheels.png
Dan SawatzkyComment