Flash to the past

It was eleven years ago I got a call to fly to Mall of America in Minnesota to look at a space for an adventure golf. It was on the third floor of the mall. Our meetings were short, as decisions were swift. I flew home the next day. Two weeks later I flew down once more with the complete building plans in hand and as before, in meetings just as brief, the plans were approved. The golf needed to be finished in 100 days. It was extremely ambitious! We partnered with a local faux rock company to do all of the onsite work including a mountain - no small task! Our team would build all of the features and signs in our studio at home and then ship them down for the install. My job on site was only to supervise and I would do this in short six visits. 

We built enough features and signs to fill two large semi trailers. Each time we loaded and sent the trailer down the road and then I would pack my suitcase and fly to meet the load at the other end. I would supervise the unload, lift to the third floor and the installation the next day... then fly home to build more. It was exciting to say the least! Moose Mountain Adventure Golf opened on schedule and still operates to this day.


complete train on trestle.png
finished train in shop.png
plane from below 2.png
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