Souvenirs from a wonderful journey

We in our family take great pride in being visual store tellers. Everything we create tells a tale. That makes it fitting that the walls of our studio also tell a story... the story of our lives. On one wall, above our paint, are some giant letters spelling my name. They actually say a whole lot more than meets the eye. The letters are part of the giant sign that was in front of the CANADA pavilion from EXPO 86. There was a gigantic hockey stick perched above the Canada sign during the World's Fair of 1986. The hockey stick went to Duncan, BC after the fair. I scored the letters from the big sign. I kept the three that spelled my name and gave the rest to friends. I knew when I acquired the letters that one day I would put these letters in my dream workshop... a wait of fourteen years. The toboggan above the letters belonged to our kids when they were small. I fabricated the snow shoes at a boy's club when I was fourteen (fifty years ago) from steam bent oak and real rawhide. The hand saw is from my dad's tool collection. The various signs are reminders of projects past. Other bits are gifts from friends. This is but a small sampling of the hundreds of pieces of the eclectic collection that makes little sense to anyone but our family... but it all represents the many wonderful stories of our lives - so far. We'll be continually adding more to the collection as we travel on.

Dan SawatzkyComment