Dimensional logos on

As with most of our projects we use a variety of materials, methods and tools to make them a reality. The stills have a heavy duty framework of plasma cut steel which is all welded together. The tank and base will be hand sculpted fibreglass reinforced concrete and the logo is routed from Precision Board high density urethane. All of it will be painted and then aged using hand brushed acrylic paints. The bulk of the welding is now finished on the first of the stills for NEB's. I created the routing files for the dimensional logos yesterday and today we routed them on our MultiCam CNC router. They look great mounted to the stills! With the logos in place we could begin the dismantling of the first still. It came apart in two pieces and after building a sturdy carrying frame on wheels from square steel tubing we lowered the two halves into a horizontal position. They are much easier to work on in that position and they will be shipped to Ontario that way too. They will not be reassembled until they get to their permanent home.

nebs logo on router.png
still with logo attached.png
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