Four wheel fun!

With the time change for daylight savings still a week off and temperatures still a tad chilly, the yard work is still a couple weeks off. I decided the very best way to combat the cabin fever I am currently feeling was to start a new project in the well lit and heated shop. We've had pieces of an old golf cart in the bone yard for quite some time. I've been itching to turn those bits into something fun. I decided a scratch built, half scale, vintage Jeep would be just the ticket. I took some measurements and did some calculating and then set to work. The seat needed to be wide enough to accommodate two grandchildren plus me. It will be geared low enough to pull a small parade float too (Yarrow Days parade is in June!) With our trusty MultiCam CNC plasma cutter to help this isn't going to take too long. We'll be four wheeling' in style soon!

jeep day 1.png
Dan Sawatzky2 Comments