Over the top COLOUR!

The painting process for our pieces is sometimes pretty jarring at various stages even though there is always a plan to bring it to perfection when we are done. A primer/base coat is the first stage. Since the colour doesn't matter we often use left over paint, which is all dumped into a large bucket and then stirred together. The current primer colour is a puce/taupe. The feature didn't look very appealing at this stage. Once the first paint has cured we are into the bright base colours. Then comes the accents and first blending. Everything is way over the top colourful at this stage... a bit hard to look at. But there are no worries for the next stage is the glazes which will tone everything down and tie things together. Lastly is the subtle dry brushing and highlighting which will complete our original vision and make us forget all the stages that come first.

windmill in paint process.png
Dan SawatzkyComment