A gang of roosters!

We don't do many private house signs but when we do you can bet they are fun! A current project is for a local family that owns a chicken farm. They asked for a sign that would go between two posts on their porch entry. Much to my delight they asked for chickens of course. I immediately knew the sign would have a plump chicken rousing in the center. But the family had requested more than one chicken. So I quickly designed some rooster brackets which would fasten to each side of the sign bracket. While I was at it I added two more similar brackets on the outside of these posts to hold up some hanging baskets. The family loved the idea so much they asked us to create another twelve rooster brackets for all of the other posts on the porch. We used our MultiCam CNC plasma cutter to cut out all of the quarter inch thick steel pieces. After I finish welding everything together tomorrow we'll send them off to the powder coaters to get their protective layer of black paint. When we get everything back next week the sign will be laminated over the frame. I'll sculpt the plump rooster into the center then too. It's going to be a whole lot of fun!

arends sign.png
rooster brackets.png
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