Helping someone else dream

Last year a local couple asked me to help them design their new house. Their architect had already done much of the planning work but they weren't satisfied with the way the outside was looking. They wanted something more whimsical and fun. They had seen our house and felt I was the guy to help them with their dream. I listened carefully to their thoughts and then set to work with my pen. I didn't need to make any major changes to the plan but adjusted rooflines, the shape, sizes and locations of windows and the final finishes on the exterior. The couple was delighted with the result.

The house is now under construction and they have called me back from time to time to help them pick finishes, colours and materials and make practical adjustments as necessary. The house is looking spectacular and as it becomes more finished will get even cooler every day. 

HOUSE 1.png
gore house framed.png
Dan Sawatzky1 Comment