Hidden gardens

We are having a lot of fun as we build the scale model of the Hazelnut Inn. It will truly be a place like no other when the real building is done. Today, we worked on the outside fences which will determine the private areas for the gardens. The fence/wall for the front North Star suite has two layers. The lower level is designed to give a hint of the theme work throughout. A winding ramp and staircase leads behind this wall to the suite above. On the inside of the pathway is a second higher wall which will shield the private garden from the world outside. The story of this suite is about an explorer who travelled the world collecting artifacts. These varied treasures of every description are to be displayed in the architecture, the garden and inside the suite.  

The wall around the Under Hill suite is now finished, complete with a niche for the dimensional sign. Tomorrow we should finish off the front wall. Stay tuned...

day 4 close.png
day 4 medium.png
day 4 wide.png