Another dad lesson learned

My dad was a builder of houses before he retired. I remember well with each and every house he built the most important thing in his mind was to get the roof on as soon as possible. On more than one occasion he would tell us of his dream to build the roof first, then hang it in place while the house was built underneath it. That way the workers would stay dry and the house would too. He felt the quality of the house would be better as a result. He never figured out a way to do it however.

As we designed the castle we were looking for ways to built the more complicated parts in the shop and on the ground. We knew we could do a better and faster job and be safer too. We also knew we would save money in the process. Experience has taught us that it always takes longer if you have to climb a scaffold to work on a project. We have completed the bulk of the work on the large castle tower roof. The cone roof measures sixteen feet across, plus the turret on the side. It was built in one piece but breaks in half to go out the shop door. We’ll bolt it back together again on site before we lift it into position. Most of the shingles will go on while it is on the ground as well.

Each time I see my dad and show him pictures of our work he asks me where I learned to do all the amazing things we do. I answer that I was watching and listening to him when I was growing up. He had many great ideas which I use every day.

castle tower roof.png