Enjoying parks through the eyes of a designer

Years ago when we first started in the theme park business Janis & I visited a new theme park attraction to enjoy a first ride. I did not mind the wait in the long queue even a little bit for I was busy looking at every detail with the eyes of a builder and designer. I was also taking lots of pictures of everything I saw. I wanted to record it for future reference and inspiration. This was back in the day of film rather than digital photography. We were in line about fifteen minutes and still far from the ride when the person behind us tapped me on my shoulder. She asked me how I could possibly take five or six ROLLS of pictures of the concrete walkway, the fences, and various details both near and far and not a single picture of my lovely wife. She was curious why I was so interested in those mundane details. We laughingly explained that we were in the business of designing and building theme parks and looked with very different eyes than a typical guest. Today we were enjoying the park once again and as we did the rides I was busy looking at details. Even though we’ve visited this place so many times over the last decades I saw plenty of new things I had never seen previously. You can bet I was busy grabbing pictures for future reference. I include two exciting shots of railings just for fun.

railing detail 1.png
railing detail 2.png
Dan SawatzkyComment