A flying saucer!

Every day seems to get more exciting than the last as the Hazelnut Inn takes shape. It was lift day once again with the giant circular beam of the North Star Suite being craned into place. We had welded all the tall posts in place previously and it was thrilling to see the giant circular beam lifted high into the air and then gently set into place. Our good friend John, of Wishlow Cranes handled the tricky task with ease. Once set in place the beam was welded into place. Another quarter circle beam was dropped in beside to finish off today’s lift. By four o’clock this afternoon the giant ring was ready for the trusses to be set in place on top. They will be coming soon!

With the ring in place it was evident just how high the ceiling would be in the tower. Peter is itching to build the clever feature that will hang in the enter from this giant beam! Stay tuned…

flying ring.png
welding on first ring.png
steel beams in place.png