Hard on the eyes

Everything we build in our shop gets at least three coats of paint, often more as needed. Our projects last a long time that way. The first coat of paint we apply is simply to help build up the thickness and so we often use paint that is left over from previous projects - especially the unusual colours which don't often get used otherwise. We've decided a teal robot would look very cool and so a light shade of that colour was applied to the robot to start. The colour of the base is to be a rusty metallic (at this point) but inevitably it will get splashed on and marked as we work above so it will wait until the end. In the meantime a first base coat needed to be applied. Becke went to the seldom used section on our colour wall and pulled down a beautiful shade of mauve. It would do nicely. The result is a little hard to look at for now. Sometimes things have to get worse before it gets better. This is definitely one of those times. :)

purple box.png
Dan SawatzkyComment