It's a trailer

This afternoon I got to spend a bunch of time in the shop, designing, cutting, welding and grinding steel. I was fabricating the trailer for the rail truck. I blasted through three sheets of plate steel but when the smoke cleared the trailer frame and wheel set was complete. As always a bunch of changes to the original design happened as I worked. The frame became a little heavier and chunkier. It looks indestructible and it is! :)  I cut holes in the decking to make it see through and much more exciting for the kids when they ride. I welded in some heavy duty screening for the floor panels to keep it safe for the kids who ride. In the next days I'll design, cut and weld up the seat riser and double bucket seat. Like the frame, there will be some modifications from the original design... all in the interest of making it a little better and a whole lot more fun! 

trailer frame welded.png
truck and trailer frame.png
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