Time for a trailer

The little rail truck only has room for one adult and one child. This could be a serious problem on the days that the family gathers for there will be multiple grand children, various grand nephews and nieces plus some adults who will all want a ride. It was time to give a riding trailer some serious thought. We already had a rail car but it was rather boxy and plain which just wouldn't do. It was time to head back to the drawing board to scratch out a new idea... something a teeny bit fancier.

We also need an air supply as I suspect the whistle is going to be sounded regularly. So I began to scribble down my ideas and came up with this fine looking riding trailer. I decided to have the wheel set swivel separate from the vehicle frame. This will ensure a smooth ride without any wheels binding on the tight corners. Fabrication is already under way.  Stay tuned...

truck and trailer.png
Dan SawatzkyComment